What area do you service?

We deliver to the South Auckland and Franklin regions.

How much to deliver?

Delivery in the South Auckland region is $300 and pickup at the end of your lease is $300. Total cost of $600 is payable at commencement of contract. Outside of this region we would need to quote.

Do I need to pay a bond?

The pickup fee of $300 payable at commencement of lease is held as a bond. This is non-refundable.

Is there a minimum hire period?

Yes. 6 months. However, under some circumstances we will hire for a shorter period at a higher rate. There is no maximum term.

Will you do a quote for WINZ?

Yes. We are a pre-approved supplier to Work and Income New Zealand.

How do you deliver my cabin?

Our cabins are built on a duragal and galvanised steel chassis with retractable lifting arms. The cabins are lifted by a hiab truck and transported to your site. They are lifted onto an even surface by our Hiab Operator and levelled.

Can you visit my property to ensure the cabin will fit into a space?

Yes we will do a no obligation site visit to ensure that your site is suitable for a cabin.

Do I have to sign a contract?


Are the cabins insulated?

Cabins are constructed of 75mm colorsteel plain surfaced insulated sandwich wall and roof panels plus foil insulation underneath. They are much warmer than a caravan.

How does the cabin power connect to the mains supply?

The cabins are built with an outdoor power socket connected to the cabin. We supply you with a 12m extension cable with a matching outdoor connection at one end and an RCD safety switch at the other. The RCD plugs into any ordinary 3 pin power socket in your house or garage.  

Do the cabins have lights and plugs?

Yes, each cabin has two or three double plugs inside, and internal and external lights.

Are the cabins secure and lockable?

Yes they are fully secure, lockable windows and door with a key.

Is there any furniture supplied?

No. The room is empty but we do supply carpet and curtain rods and smoke alarms.

Is there any bathroom or kitchen facilities?

No. None of our units have kitchens or bathrooms.

Can I install a Sky Dish to the outside of the cabin?

No. You will need to obtain our consent prior to installing anything to the inside or outside of our cabins. However, we can arrange to have cabling brought up through the floor. The sky dish can be installed on a nearby fence or house. We definitely need to be consulted first.

I require a cabin in my backyard and there is no vehicle access?

We provide a hiab truck to lift the cabin over the fence.

How much notice do I have to give when I want to return the room?

Generally one week is sufficient. However, we would appreciate 2-3 weeks.

Can I transport the cabin to a new location?

No the cabins need to be transported using only our Hiab Operator. Please ask for a quote, depending on travel distance.

How do I order a cabin?

Contact us with your details the type of cabin and the delivery date required and we will contact you to confirm availability details.